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How to Plan for Owning a Horse

Becoming a horse owner for the first time can be an invigorating an exciting experience. However, there are several things to think about before purchasing or adopting your horse. 

Choose a Reputable Stable

If you do not own enough land to house your new equine, you will most likely be searching for a stable. Doing research of local stables is paramount in finding the best living situation for your horse. When comparing stables, it is a good idea to consider factors such as cost, size of the facility and the quality of food, hygiene and training. A stable close to your place of residence is also beneficial for visiting your horse often. 

Consider Purchasing Horse Insurance

Like any other pet or valuable animal, horse owners have the opportunity to buy horse insurance. Insurance for your horse can serve a variety of purposes, including medical, to cover vet costs, and even mortality insurance. Many insurance providers will work with clients to find a plan that meets your specific budget or needs. Be sure to contact several companies and receive quotes before choosing the option that best suits you and your horse. 

Hire a Horse Trainer

Similar to finding a … Read More

Insurance for Horse Properties

If you are in the market for horse property you probably wonder what type of insurance you need. When it comes to horse insurance there are many choices, and it can be challenging to find the right product for your particular circumstances. Talking to an experienced agent is one way to understand the types of coverage available.

Owning your own property requires insurance coverage to protect you from financial hardship if the worst happens. Additional coverage may be required or recommended, depending on the type of horse property you own. If you plan to purchase acreage to keep your own private horses, you will want to check with your current insurance company. Even though you aren’t in business that doesn’t mean you do not require special coverage. Some areas consider horse farms to be “attractive nuisances.” This is a term that means your property is more likely to invite trouble than another.

This may not seem fair, but once you have your horses at home and see neighbor kids reaching over the fence to play with your horse, or even climbing over the fence to get closer, you will realize the insurance company may have a point. Acknowledging that your … Read More

How to Take Care of a Correct Ride Horse

Hygiene and health of the horse is the most important thing for your horse. A clean horse will have an immediate impact on maintaining health. This makes your horse fit when running, racing and achieving. Eating and grooming (bathing for horses) is always a major concern in maintaining the health of your horse. Here’s a complete review of how to treat a true riding horse.

Tips for Bathing a Horse

Treat your horse
Although some horses are trained enough to stay standing when you bathe it, some horses still turn away from you naturally. Tie your horse with a bond that is easily removed in the pole. If you tie your horse on a pole, don’t tie it too tight. If there is something that scares your horse, he will definitely try to run or fall. Also, make sure your ties are not too loose so the horse doesn’t run away from you.

Remove the Horse Tread
To lift his leg, place your hand on the foot of the horse and squeeze the veins smoothly. If he doesn’t lift his legs, you can lean on his back and lift his legs. Use the hoof pick, starting from the heel and … Read More