Equine Behaviour

horse behaviourAs Horse Behavior Consultants, we strive to supply individuals and their horses professional help in assessing and solving behavioral challenges and constructing a strong and balanced human-horse bond. You will notice from these video clips that the behaviour of each horses is markedly completely different. The coaching was led by Gemma Pearson, Senior Medical Training Scholar in Equine Apply at the Royal (Dick) Faculty of Veterinary Research, who specialises in dealing with behavioural instances.

From The Horse’s Perspective – Until not too long ago, no major studies had been carried out concerning the impact of journey on horses. In the absence of different horses, or by selection, a horse will select to socialize with another species including man. This sensible and systematic e book is an ideal information for horse homeowners, breeders, riders and trainers, and in addition for equine science students, behaviourists and different equine para-professionals.

From foundation coaching to rectifying downside behaviours, your performance horse will receive a radical and lasting schooling at AEBC. The horse’s survival has depended on adapative behaviour patterns that enabled it to exploit a various vary of habitats, to successfully rear its young and to avoid predation.

Studying a horse’s body language may also help the savvy owner determine subtle indicators of lameness or discomfort. With this method, we will change our horse’s conduct and do it in a manner that feels good for both of us. In some cases an equine behaviourist might be able to suggest a easy alteration to your horse’s management to eradicate the undesirable behaviour.