Dog Diet Tips

dog diet and nutritionFifty years in the past, most dogs ate desk scraps. In a group of racing sled dogs, where diarrhea is comparatively widespread during racing and raw meat feeding is prevalent, Salmonella was remoted from roughly 63%} of fecal samples ( 33 ). There was no vital distinction between canine with diarrhea and with regular stool.

For instance, since cellulose and hemicellulose of plant cells can’t be digested in uncooked kind by dogs, food based solely on grains for a source of protein and carbohydrates should be processed in a fashion that permits the canine’s digestive system to extract these vitamins.

Whereas these canines often are okay well being-sensible (Morgan suspects it’s as a result of a lot of them are also fed commercial canine treats which have vitamins and minerals added), a more nutritious, well-balanced meal will allow your canine to thrive as a substitute of simply survive.

Pet house owners will help themselves by doing some research, by choosing a meals that meets their needs as well as Rover’s, and by demanding proof when advised that so-and-so company uses roadkill, harmful chemical compounds, or rendered pets in its meals or that a house-prepared uncooked meat and vegetable eating regimen is healthy and business foods are making canine sick.

Barring any special needs, sickness-associated deficiencies, or directions out of your vet, your pet ought to be able to get all of the vitamins he or she needs from excessive-high quality business pet meals, that are specifically formulated with these requirements in mind.