How to Take Care of a Correct Ride Horse

Hygiene and health of the horse is the most important thing for your horse. A clean horse will have an immediate impact on maintaining health. This makes your horse fit when running, racing and achieving. Eating and grooming (bathing for horses) is always a major concern in maintaining the health of your horse. Here’s a complete review of how to treat a true riding horse.

Treat your horse

Although some horses are trained enough to stay standing when you bathe it, some horses still turn away from you naturally. Tie your horse with a bond that is easily removed in the pole. If you tie your horse on a pole, don’t tie it too tight. If there is something that scares your horse, he will definitely try to run or fall. Also, make sure your ties are not too loose so the horse doesn’t run away from you.

Remove the Horse Tread

To lift his leg, place your hand on the foot of the horse and squeeze the veins smoothly. If he doesn’t lift his legs, you can lean on his back and lift his legs. Use the hoof pick, starting from the heel and match towards the toe. Carefully clean from rocks, soil, and other dirt.
By digging your horse’s feet first, you will realize if there is a gap before you finish grooming. This is highly recommended because you not only see inequality but also avoid it by removing stones and soil that can damage the frog or smash it. Checking the tread of a horse before you drive it is very important. Moreover, if your horse will use the site. This is because it can make your horse feel more comfortable and avoid sticky black fungi that develop around the frog.

Use Curry Comb to get rid of loose hair from your horse

Curry Comb is a brush with fur made of rubber which is quite elastic. Curry Comb is designed to loosen the soil, mud, and dirt on your horsehair. For the best results and to keep the horse clean, use a curry comb before you brush your horse. Curry comb can be used with a small circular motion that is strong above the horse muscle. Avoid soft-boned areas such as the face, feet, and spine.

Use Dandy Brush

Dandy Brush or hard brush is a brush with hard bristles to get rid of soil and hair loosened with Curry Comb. The use of this hard car is by straight and short brushing. Start from the neck area and end at the ponytail. Don’t use a Dandy brush on the horse’s foot area because the horse’s legs are more sensitive. Don’t also use the dandy brush on the face, ears, hair, tail, and feet. Because this tool can cause the horse to feel anxious and moreover run away from you. To avoid your horse from stress, use a towel or soft cloth on the part that your horse hates when using the Dandy brush.

Clean using a soft brush.

A soft brush can be used throughout all areas of the horse such as the face and feet. Always be careful when cleaning your horse’s face area because a shocking motion can cause your horse to panic. Complete body grooming on your horse by brushing your entire body. There are also special brushes for the face area that are still included in the soft brush too.

Cleaning Horse Face

Take a wet sponge/cloth then wipe the area of ​​your horse’s eyes and nose. Use a different sponge for the buttocks area or under the tail. Because this is usually moist, dirty and moldy you must clean it.

Clean the Hair and Tail

Use combs or brush horse hair with wide fur to eliminate tangles. Use your fingers to separate the tangled hairs before using a comb. Hold all the large parts of the horse’s hair with your hands when combing horse hair. This is to avoid the attraction that is created when you comb it. Stand next to your horse to avoid the kick if he is surprised by the attraction created by the comb.

Spray Anti Flies Liquid

When it is summer or hot, spray anti-fly liquid on your horse. Because flies can develop around the face of a horse and cause infection. Large flies or also called horse flies can shiver the horse and make it stressful. When spraying this liquid, try to avoid the horse’s face area.
Thus the guide on how to care for the right horse to keep it clean and healthy from us. Hopefully, this article is useful for all of you horse lovers.