The Best Routine Care for Pit Bull Dogs

Pitbulls are a group of dogs that are quite popular because of their fitness and physical strength. Although these dogs are not like other types of dogs known for their feathers and attractive appearance, many pit bulls are currently looking for them. Especially for dog lovers who like muscular, strong and fierce-looking dogs.

Maybe I can make sure if the pit bull is one of the choices of those who want to keep frightening dogs and also athletic.
Pitbull temperament is not like other fierce dogs, they tend to be neutral and not easily offended by what they see. Apart from that pit bull dogs can also be sweet dogs if cared for and educated properly by their owners even if the owner is a small child. The best way to train pit bulls to be kind and tame is to teach them early on (puppy) so that they understand that humans are friends.
Some of us may often hear the myth about pit bulls that have a red nose more ferocious than other pit bulls, actually, the red nose happens because this variant does not have perfect pigment and this is not a factor causing the pitbull to become fierce.
Then if anyone asks why the pitbull looks aggressive and fierce? this goes back to how the owner cared for them when they were little if the goal was to make the pitbull a fighting dog then they would be very dangerous. It is undeniable that pitbull is indeed a dog race that has very good strength and mentality, so pitbull is often a fighting dog that is often seen in dog sports. But if you look at the history of the pit bull, this dog is a cross between a terrier race who likes to play and a bulldog race that has the strength and muscular physical form, so the friendly and intelligent character of the terrier must be very thick in the pit bull.
There is another question, why is it that in America the dog bite cases are mostly carried out by pit bulls? Obviously, pit bulls are the most nurtured dogs in America compared to other dogs and because of the tantalizing prizes from dog sports there, indeed 40% of pit bulls are trained to be savage like gladiators so it is not wrong in many cases of dog bites are pitbull there.

Provide food with the right nutrition
Because pit bulls are active, frightening and athletic dogs, surely many pit bull owners are fascinated by their physical form. I am sure if you take care of this dog, you will not want if a pitbull becomes a weak dog, lazy and becomes an inactive dog because of a lack of nutrition in its food intake.
Therefore you should consider what foods are appropriate for your pitbull. Basically to maintain the health of a pit bull is not difficult, you simply provide food with complete nutrition, the right carbohydrates and also rich in protein such as chicken, boiled beef first and some carbohydrate sources so that your dog can maintain his endurance and perfect and good physical strength.

But to get the physical shape with good muscles, like humans who are building their bodies, pit bulls also need protein-rich foods with little fat. You can also make your own concoction based on the composition that is needed to form a muscular and muscular body, of course, supported by regular weight training too.
But if you do not want to bother making this dog food, you can use DF (dog food) packaged packaging at various pet shops and pet stores. Moreover, DF specifically for pitbull also provides complete nutrition for your pitbull so you do not need to hesitate in providing dog food.
For the amount of food given, this depends on the size of the body and how active they are moving, surely we know the amount of food each dog must be different even though they have the same type.

Always use a place to eat and drink
We recommend that you use food/beverage special for dogs that are sold at various pet stores and also pet shops. Because this will really help your pit bull dog to always know where the food is for him.
Apart from that you also don’t forget to always clean the food place regularly every day, so that there are no bacteria in the food place that can endanger the health of your pitbull dog. It is recommended to use a dog’s eating/drinking place made of stainless steel or ceramic because this material is cleaner and easier to clean than the plastic material for the food place.

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