Cat Behaviour & Care

cat behaviourDo you wish to change your cat’s behavior? Elderly cats suffering from mental confusion, or cognitive dysfunction, could meow if they change into disoriented—a frequent symptom of this feline version of Alzheimer’s Disease. Cats carry these infantile behaviors beyond nursing and into adulthood.

Feline interstitial cystitis is a neurological illness that affects a cat’s bladder (cystitis” means inflamed bladder). If your cat isn’t vulnerable to gaining weight, think about leaving dry meals out for it all the time so it by no means has to really feel hungry.

Behavioural therapies are sometimes efficient, however the remedies have to be tailor-made to the cat’s specific drawback. This implies they may keep away from their litter box if it is in a location they dislike. Cats also learn to beg for human meals by meowing. Though marking will not be an elimination drawback, if there are too few litter bins for all the cats, battle will come up over litter field use and might contribute to marking.

See our widespread litter-box administration points beneath, and our ways to make litter bins cat-pleasant. Adjustments in issues that even not directly affect the cat, like transferring, adding new animals or family members to your household—even changing your each day routine—could make your cat really feel anxious.