Five Methods To Defend Your Pet From Lyme Disease

pets diseasesTicks and mosquitoes are the main culprits in the transmission of great diseases to canine and cats (in addition to other companion species and people). Rabies happens mostly in dogs (and in addition in bats) however there isn’t a risk to the general public within the UK from rabies in canine. Rabies is actually more widespread in cats than canine, says Bruno Chomel, DVM, PhD, professor of zoonosis at the College of California Davis College of Veterinary Medication.

It is unfold via bites and scratches, but some folks have contracted it from simply being round pets Signs can embrace blood poisoning, shock, respiratory distress, and meningitis. Though canine are at higher danger of contact with ticks based mostly on their behavior, they incessantly travel and recreate with their owners.

Parrot fever is brought on by a species of the chlamydia micro organism, but this one isn’t related to the sexually transmitted an infection in individuals, says Petersen. Dogs also carry, and might unfold, cat scratch illness”. Animals can harbor infections of their fecal material, so watch out cleaning up after your pet.

They’ll additionally carry, and transmit, Campylobacter, Giardia, ringworm (see Cats and Dogs, above), Salmonella (see Reptiles, beneath). But hepatitis E, although more generally picked up through contaminated drinking water and meals, has additionally been spread by pet pigs.