Hoof Care

horse health and careThere are numerous elements in maintaining a healthy horse: housing, nutrition, hoof care, train and illness prevention. Equine hoof supplements might contain biotin, amino acids and different healthy components to strengthen hoofs, however no hoof complement can substitute for a healthy equine food plan. With winter climate bringing exhausting frozen ground, snow drifts and colder temperatures makes it difficult for horse house owners and farriers to stick to schedules.

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If nothing else a 3-sided shed with the open side opposite the prevailing wind often serves to protect horses in most climates. Separate equipment and ideally separate personnel must be used to deal with the remoted horses. In a latest survey, ninety three %} of horse house owners who sampled DORMOSEDAN GEL said they might use it once more, and 89 percent agreed that it made horse- care procedures simpler to complete.1 Safer, too.

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