Cat Grooming Basics

cat groomingAt Wendell Veterinary Clinic, we provide grooming as one in every of our providers on your feline pet. Cats groom humans for two reasons, and certainly one of them is an indication of great affection. Solely a damp towel needs to be used on your cat’s face and ears. Throughout your weekly grooming sessions, run your palms along your cat’s body, checking for wounds, bumps and hidden tangles.

Give your cat treats afterwards so they are going to learn to affiliate grooming time with constructive outcomes. First, give your pet a superb brushing to take away all useless hair and mats. Instead, trim regularly, present your cat with appropriate scratching posts and ask your veterinarian about tender plastic covers for your cat’s claws.

Ask your vet to suggest the brushing supplies that he trusts, and be sure by no means to make use of toothpaste designed for individuals–the components might be unhealthy for your cat. A typical reason behind excessive grooming with outdoor cats is pesky fleas, but it surely’s not unusual for indoor cats to get fleas, too.

For shorthaired cats, use a nice-toothed metallic comb once per week to remove knots or tangles. That’s why it is vital to regularly look at and clean your cat’s paws and ensure they’re wound-free. Toothbrushes that you would be able to wear over your finger are additionally obtainable and help you give a nice therapeutic massage to your cat’s gums.