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reptile health and careLet me begin this text with a quick disclaimer. Don’t touch your mouth after handling your reptile, its tanks, tools, bowls, meals and droppings, till you wash your arms fastidiously. Unique pet species, like reptiles and different wild animals in captivity , have the same wants as they would in the wild.

If you’re unable to seek out adequate info concerning the care of a particular snake you’re interested by, perhaps it is not a good suggestion to pursue this snake as a pet. Table 2. Species of reptile recommended by pet stores for novice reptile owners. In 563 of examined turtles eight different groups (Nematoda (4), Cestoda (1), Trematoda (1) and Protozoa (2)) of endoparasites had been determined in 498 (88.5%}) animals.

As pets, reptiles can require quite a lot of maintenance. Hold reptiles out of any area the place food is prepared or eaten. If you own one of these distinctive pets, we encourage you to schedule a complete bodily exam and session on proper care and feeding.

Reptiles are inclined to skin and bacterial infections. Educate your self in regards to the species you’re inquisitive about before purchasing a pet snake. Society for the Examine of Amphibians and Reptiles, Contributions to Herpetology, 1, 191-196. Once we obtain your order, we all the time examine the minimal and most temperatures to be sure that it’s safe for the animals and in that case, they’re carefully shipped to our customers all around the USA.