Reasons to Get Your Pet in Rehabilitation

Our pets are practically part of our family, so much so that we would do anything and everything to make sure they are kept and healthy as well. However, there are certain instances when illnesses or injuries occur anyway, leaving them incapacitated or physically compromised. 

Fortunately, there is a possibility to get them back on all four paws again, thanks to pet rehabilitation Boulder-located. It’s not necessarily an immediate answer for all, though. Here are some instances that would most probably warrant rehabilitation treatment for your pet. 


Just like humans, animals’ mobility becomes affected by age. They tend to slow down in their movement, develop a limited range of motion, and even feel joint and muscle pains. Sometimes, these issues show up prematurely, which may be indicative of a deeper problem. Rehab can help improve their condition, as well as provide pain relief. 


This is another condition that can cause much discomfort to dogs. Similar to the human condition, arthritis in dogs also causes the joints to swell, making it painful to move. Unfortunately, there is yet no known cure for this condition, whether for humans or animals alike. But at least rehabilitation treatment can help ease the symptoms. 


One of the more common reasons your dog would need rehabilitation is if they have recently undergone surgery. Depending on the extent of the surgery, they may need to undergo rehab in order to regain full capacity and control of their movements. Surgeries can be disorienting for the dogs too, which is why it’s important to ease them back into movements or activities that they are most familiar with so they can regain their confidence in their movement. 


Another condition that could necessitate rehabilitation for your dog is the overuse of muscles. It could be a result of being overly excited for play, a wrong leap from or towards a high surface, and others. If you see your dog not being able to move as well as they normally do, and if they look like they are in pain when they move, but there is no need for surgery, then rehabilitation can be an option for you to take.

What to Expect from Pet Rehabilitation

Your dog would first have to undergo an assessment in order to determine what issues should be addressed and how. Usually, a rehabilitation program will include various exercises, manual therapies such as stretching, massage, and joint mobilization; as well as therapeutic modalities. 

Rehabilitation can take anywhere from 6-12 weeks, depending on the condition of your dogs and the plan they need to get back to optimal condition. The more sessions they get within a given timeframe, the sooner they could recover. Again, however, this would depend on their progress and capacity. 

Some dogs will respond to the rehab program faster, while others may need a bit more time. The important thing here is for you to give your patience and support to your pet, so that they can be further encouraged and feel less afraid about the treatment.