Things You’ll Need to Start a Horse Boarding Business

Do you have some extra stables in your barn that are sitting vacant? Perhaps you’ve thought it would be nice to fill those empty spaces and earn some extra money. Before you start a horse boarding business, however, here are a few things you’ll need.

Knowledge of Local Ordinances

Different states have unique requirements when it comes to horse facilities. These ordinances may dictate how you run your facility. There may be limitations regarding how many horses you can have based on your acreage or how many horses you’ll be allowed to board. You may also need to have permits to run your business. You must look into your local ordinances to avoid potential issues.

Extra Hands to Help

There are a few different types of boarding you can offer, including full boarding and partial boarding. Full boarding usually includes a stall, turnout, and daily care. If you choose to run a full boarding facility, you may need to hire extra help such as a stable manager and grooms. A facility that offers partial or pasture boarding may also require some additional staff, but not as much as a full facility.

Horse Insurance

For anyone running a boarding facility, insurance is a must. A policy can protect you if a horse or owner is injured on your property. It can provide protection should your property be damaged by a horse in your care. Before choosing the first company that you come across, it’s important to call around for a horse insurance quote. Compare several quotes to make sure that you get the best coverage possible for the best price. 

Starting a horse boarding business can be an excellent way to earn additional income while putting your equine care knowledge to good use. With a little time, research, and effort, you can build a business that will attract customers.