Why you should adopt an animal instead of buying

There are many ways through which you can get an animal that you want to keep as a pet. The most common options include buying, adopting, or receiving them as a gift. When you get the pet, you would want to provide their needs including food, treatments, and insurance. You can read US pet insurance companies’ reviews on US-Reviews to know the right type of insurance to get for your pet and the company to get them from.

When you have to choose between buying and adopting an animal, adopting is always a better option. Some of the reasons why you might want to adopt a pet as opposed to buying are discussed subsequently.

You could be saving the pet’s life

Most stray pets and pets in animal shelters do not get the best care possible. This is especially when it is a private animal shelter and the owner of the shelter does not have enough money and resources to care for the pets in the shelter. Even when the resources are available, there might not be enough people available to properly care for each animal. Hence, when you adopt a stray animal or adopt an animal from an animal shelter, you could be saving the animal’s life. You will be able to take proper care of the animal you have adopted. You will also be making it easier for the animal shelter to take care of the remaining animals.

Pet stores, on the other hand, understand the importance of the animals they are selling being healthy. Hence, they would strive to take proper care of the pet till a buyer comes along. In most cases, you will be helping an animal you have adopted to get a better life than an animal you have bought. There are several cases where people buy animals and can’t give them the quality of care they were getting while they were still at the pet store. If the same person had adopted an animal, his seemingly lower level of care will still be better than what the animal was getting before it was adopted.

It could be cheaper

When you are buying an animal from a pet store, you will be required to pay some money. Depending on the type of animal, it could be very expensive. However, when you are adopting the same animal, you would be getting the animal for free or a minimal fee that will be a negligent amount when compared to how much you would have spent on getting the same animal from the pet store.

You might, however, expend some amount in taking the animal for a checkup to be sure that it is free of germs, diseases, and illnesses.

You might be preventing an environmental hazard

When a stray animal is not adopted, it could die due to lack of care or malnutrition. If the right agencies are not contacted on time to evacuate it, it would start to decay and the resulting foul smell could make it very not conducive to live or pass that environment. However, if the animal has been adopted, it might not have died that soon and even when it finally dies, the owner will be able to properly dispose of it without causing any environmental hazard.